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Ladies Hair Cutting*

Woman's Cut & Blow -Out                               $75
Woman's Cut -No Blow Out                             $60
Woman's Pixie Cut                                          $43
Girls Hair Cut                                                   $30  12 years of age & under                                                 
Braided up style


Ladies Blow Out                                      $43
Special Occasion Styles                             $50
Up-Styling                                              $85
               Bridal Styling
Bridal Trial                                             $70 
Wedding Bridal Up-Styling                      $110
Bridal Up Style
Elegant Up Style
We can't get enough of these stunning Au

 For The Guys*


     Men's Hair Cut                                       $43

       Men's Reshade                                        $45

       Men's Hair Colour                                   $72

       Boys Hair Cut                                         $25

       12 years of age & under

Mens hair Ottawa

Colour Services*


Root Re-Touch                                               $72

Root Re-Touch

& Colour Balancing                                        $90

Full colour changes

with Toner & Balancing                                 $110      

We can’t get enough of this Raspberry Re
Mulled Wine

Blonding Services*

Ultra Blonding -Pre-Service                       $80


Ultra Blonding with Toner                        $110


Ultra Blonding with Toner & Bond-Pro+      $135

Ultra Blonding

Highlighting Services*

Mini Foil Highlights                     $50


Partial Foil Highlights                    $95


Full Head Highlights                      $135


Colour with Foil Highlights              $135

Can’t go wrong with a beautiful blonde!

Specialty Services*

Ombre                       starting at $135+

Balayage                   starting at $135+

Colour Melt                starting at $135+

Colour Dip                 -as per consultation

Elumen                     -as per consultation

Pure Pigments            -as per consultation

Corrective Colour        -as per consultation

Creative Colour          -as per consultation

Elumen Highlights SIlk Lift Blonde
Rocking purple, blue & teal highlights!_

Texture Services*

Kerasilk Smoothing System    $350+

Kerasilk De-Frizz                   $125+

Perm                 -as per consultation

Add On Services*

Kerasilk Treatment                       $30


Bond Pro Treatment                      $30


Toner                                          $30


New Blonde                                $30


Fringe Trim Current Clients -No Charge


Fringe Trim-Non-Client                  $15

Consultation                      -No Charge

Incredible fire colour-melt! Elumen highlights



-All prices are starting points, based on the length and thickness of hair.  


-Pricing will vary for each stylist based on their experience. For the exact pricing or service pricing for a particular stylist, please contact us directly.


-All prices are subject to change and do not include sales tax.


-Our computer system does not currently allow for the addition of tips to a credit card or debit payments.


Please make an appointment for a complimentary consultation, where our Colourists & Master Stylists can help you decide which services will help you to reach your hair goals!

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