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Wedding & EVENT  Hair


A special day can be made more special, with a beautiful style created just for you. Whether you are celebrating an anniversary, graduation, or attending a special event, we will take the time to help you achieve the perfect hairstyle for your event.


                   WEDDING HAIR

Planning your wedding hairstyle should start about a year ahead of the big day. Your wedding day is one of the biggest days of your lives together.​ Whether you are having hundreds of guests or just a special few,  a traditional wedding or a contemporary ceremony it is important to make sure every consideration is taken so that everything is as perfect as possible, and that takes time. 


We have been doing wedding hair for hundreds of brides over many, many years, and have compiled a timeline to help guide you in the months and days leading up to your wedding.

Simply put, our goal is that your hair should be truly spectacular for your Wedding Day, and that takes planning.

Image by Maria Orlova
Image by Jonathan Borba

It's a day filled with love, excitement and pictures, lots & lots of pictures. Today everyone has a camera, and we want to make sure that you look fabulous in each & every image!

You want you to look your best, remembering that these are the pictures that will be cherished for the rest of your lives together to that end, we suggest you have your first hair consultation a full year before your big day.

6 Months To 1 Year Before Your Wedding.

Once you have your dress or you know exactly the silhouette & neckline you will be wearing. Book your initial consultation and bring any inspiration pictures with you, so that you can show your stylist exactly what you are looking for.

-This will give you enough time to grow out your hair if it is required for the style you are interested in.

Start planning your hair colour as soon as you know how your hair will be styled. Thinking about trying out a new colour?  Thinking about adding highlights?

-Do it now, you need to be sure that you love it, before the wedding with enough time to change it if it isn't what you are envisioning for the big day.

Wedding hairstyle
Image by Nathan Dumlao

Many people include a Keratin Smoothing System as part of their wedding hair plan, using it as insurance against bad weather, no bride wants their wedding hair to be ruined by rainy weather.

-If you are considering a Keratin Smoothing System as part of your wedding hair plan,  we would suggest you try it out 6 months in advance so that you can be sure you are happy with the new look.
Image by Dollar Gill

If you are planning a destination wedding or a honeymoon in a warm climate, a Kerasilk Smoothing Treatment will help fight frizzy hair in even in very humid climates.

 5-6 Months Before The Big Day

If you haven't already done it, have a consultation with both hair & make-up as soon as possible

Remember to bring inspiration pictures to show the stylist what you are looking for, also you can bring your veil or headpiece so that your stylists know exactly what they will be working with.
*If you are still thinking about trying a new colour, do it now. 
Image by Євгенія Височина
Smiling Bride
Be sure to book all of the appointments you will need well in advance. You don't want to take the chance that your stylist cannot accommodate you.

If you are thinking about adding hair extensions now is the time to make sure that they have been ordered.
Hair extensions come in many different styles, some that last for months, others that you use only for the day, clip-in varieties will add volume and fullness to your hair for the big day. Extensions can offer you an opportunity to create different styles, longer, thicker, curly.
It can take time for them to arrive, and they may not match your colour perfectly, needing to be coloured or highlighted to blend in naturally.


 3-4 Months Before The Wedding

Image by Địa Cầu Nhân
Image by Marina Abrosimova

We can order the hair extensions for you or you can order them yourself, but they must 100%  human hair.
-Synthetic hair extensions cannot be heat processed, curled or coloured. Synthetic hair extensions will be hotter and will cause your upstyle to droop, for this reason, we do not use any synthetic hair extensions in our up-styles.

Happy Beautiful Bride Laughing
  1-2 Months Prior to the Big Day
Have your final hair & makeup trials
Bring your veil, headpieces or any extensions that you will be wearing for your wedding, that way your stylist can show you how your hair will look on the big day.  
-This would also be a good day to arrange your dress fitting, allowing you to see how your dress will look with your hair and makeup, leaving your team enough time to make any adjustments, if required. *Be sure to take lots of pictures!

Maid of Honour will also require a hair & makeup trials
Make sure the Maid of Honour has their trials on a day that you can be there with them, you don't want any surprises on the big day.

The timing has to be perfect to get everyone's hair & makeup done and at the service on time. Be sure to confirm all of your hair & beauty appointments for the wedding day.
Dry hair wont look healthy and glossy for your big day!
This is the time to give your hair some extra love and attention. Weekly or bi-weekly will depend on the particular needs of your hair.  It doesn't matter if your hair is natural or "enhanced"; deep conditioning treatments will make all the difference, making sure your hair is at its best.
Couples Hug
Beach Wedding Couple
Deep conditioning treatments will ensure that you have healthy shiny hair for your wedding day.
Hair in need of a little extra love should begin the treatments three months before your wedding day.
Image by Icons8 Team

Everyone knows someone that can be a little difficult. If you have someone in your bridal party that will require extra time be sure that they also have a trial. 
Your wedding day is about you and you don't want any unnecessary drama on the day.

Image by Guilherme Stecanella
Image by Joeyy Lee
Confirm all of the appointments times for your bridal party with each person individually!

From the flower girls to great grandma, nobody wants to be forgotten. 

Be sure that everyone knows when & where to be. Your wedding day is not the time to find out that someone needs a haircut or needs to get their hair coloured.

1- 3 Weeks Before Your Wedding

Now is the time to have your final pre-wedding day hair appointments, make sure that anything that needs touching up is done, now is not the time to experiment.

-Your haircut should be done not more than done 3 to 4 week before the wedding day.

-Kerasilk Smoothing System should be done about 2 to 3 weeks before the big day.

-Your hair colour, highlights, lowlights should be touched up about 7 days before the wedding.
Image by Gayani Anuththara

  Grooms must not be overlooked!

Grooms you should be having your final haircuts, and take care of any grey maintenance that needs to be addressed about one week prior to the wedding.
You want to look your best, after all, it's your big day too!
Image by Kimberly Fowler
 On your wedding day,
relax & enjoy it. 

You will look beautiful!
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