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Senior - Master Stylist & Colourist Prices

Hair Cutting & Styling*

New Client Consultation                  $0

Woman's Cut & Blow-Out              $78+


Woman's Cut - No Blow Out         $63+

Woman's Pixie Cut                       $48+

Woman's Blow Out                      $48+


Girls Hair Cut                            

 -12 years & under                       $33+                

Fringe Trim Current Clients                $0  


Fringe Trim-Non-Client                   $15  

Special Occasion Styling               $53+

Up-Styling                                   $90+

Man with a Tattooed Arm

For The Guys*

Men's Cut & Style                            $45

Men's Reshade                                $45

Men's Hair colour                            $75

Boys Hair Cut                                  $28

-12 years of age & under   

Blonding & Highlighting*

Mini Foil Highlights                                  $65+ 

Partial Foil Highlights                               $105+

Full Foil Highlights                                   $135+

Ultra Blonding with Toner                          $135+

Ultra Blonding with Toner & Bond Pro+        $165+

Ultra Blonding with New Blonde                $135+


Ultra Blonding   -PRE SERVICE                      $90+

This is not a stand alone service                           

Image by pouriya kafaei

Colour Services*

New Colour Consultation                      $0


Colour/ Root Retouch                       $78+


Colour/ Root Retouch with Balancing  $90+

Colour with Foil Highlights               $135+

Nectaya                                        $88+


New Blonde                                   $38+

Toner                                             $38+


Bond Pro+                                      $38+

Balayage                 Consultation Required


Elumen                     Consultation Required

Pure Pigments            Consultation Required

Elumen Play              Consultation Required


Colour Correction      Consultation Required

Texture Services*


  Kerasilk Smoothing System                 $375+


Perm                                              $125+


 -Consultation Required 

Image by Atikh Bana

*All prices are starting points, based on the length & thickness of hair.  
*Pricing will vary for each stylist based on their experience. For the exact pricing or service pricing for a particular stylist, please contact us directly.
*All prices are subject to change and do not include sales tax.

Our computer system does not allow for the addition of tips to a credit card or debit payments.
Please make an appointment for a complimentary consultation, where our team of artists can help you decide which services will help you to reach your hair goals!