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Fluid is excited to once again showcase some of the truly spectacular artwork created by a very talented local artist.  B. Jane Magee.

            B. Jane Magee 

Of Times Past By B Jane Magee

Series 2
24 X 24 
Oil On Canvas

"Golden Needles" By B Jane Magee

"Golden NEEDLES"
Series 2
48 X 30 
Oil On Canvas

"Les Secrets Des Forêts" Series 10 By B Jane Magee

Series 10
18 X 24 
Oil On Canvas

"If I were A Moose" by B.Jane Magee

36 x 36
Oil On Board

"Between the Rocks 11" Series 2 By Jane b. Magee

Series 2
24 X 24 
Oil On Canvas

"Fall In Love" By B Jane Magee

"Fall In Love"
Series 15
18 X 24 
Oil On Canvas

Cabane  a Sucre By B Jane Magee

"Cabane A Sucre"
18 x 8 
Oil On Canvas

Series 4
60 X 24 
Oil On Canvas

“Les Secrets des Forêts” Series 9 By B Jane Magee
"Lost River and Beyond "Series 4 by B Jane Magee

Series 9
14 X 14 
Oil On Canvas

Beyond lost River.jpg by B Jane Magee
“Celebrate the Blues”  By B Jane Magee

20 X 16
Oil On Canvas

"Beyond lost river"
20 x 20
Oil on Canvas

"Rolling Cove Road" By B Jane Magee
Salut  L"Hiver By B Jane Magee

"Rolling Cove Road"
Bonavista, NFLD
Oil On Paper Board

Series 6
16 X 16
Oil On Canvas

Les Toits Des Laurentides By B Jane Magee

"Les Toits Des Laurentides"
11 x 14
Oil on Canvas

Fall in Love by Jane B. Magee

es 17
24 x 60
Oil On Canvas

About The Artist

B. Jane Magee Artist

            B. Jane Magee 

Growing up in Montreal, Quebec, Jane has been drawing and painting since she was a little girl.

She spent her summers at her family's cottage in Quebec, taking in the sights and sounds of the serene mountains and the busy little towns in the Laurentians and the Eastern Townships.

Memories from Jane's childhood are often what dictates the direction of her art. Quaint Quebec scenes, the magical colours of the Canadian seasons, les Cabanes à Sucre, nature.

Her love of colour is one of the strengths of her art. Jane has worked extensively in pen and ink, watercolour, acrylic and oils.

To Jane, art is a form of expression that can be more powerful than words in any language. It is her belief that art can and should be a part of everyone's life.

Her work can be found in collections across Canada, the U.S. and in Europe. She has studied with several well-known Canadian artists, including Gordon Harrison, Brian Atyeo and Linda Kemp.

Jane has lived across Canada in Toronto, London, Edmonton and Ottawa.

She now resides in Manotick, Ontario with her husband, cats and dog.

Her hope is that you will feel a part of that magic, that smile, when you see her work.

Please note the pieces are available for purchase from the artist and that the prices have been set by the artist or by the art gallery that has loaned the artwork. Fluid3 Colour Concept Salon does not have any control over the availability of the pieces or of the prices set by the artist.  
Fluid3 does not profit in anyway from any purchases made, our only goal is to showcase local artists.

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